Our Role

Saxtader.co.uk offers advertising space and nothing else. We encourage private advertisers,dealers,companies and organisations to advertise and promote their goods,products and services on the site. We take no commission on the sales or transactions that result from that advertising.

Saxtrader.co.uk is not responsible for the content of any of the adverts on the website and it is the responsibility of the site user to satisfy himself or herself that anything offered is genuine, or that payment is secure before releasing goods.

Saxtrader.co.uk would strongly advise that buying instruments without first seeing them involves a degree of risk and that risk should be assessed before proceeding. Different people have different ideas about what, for example, constitutes good condition! When buying from a dealer, you may want to establish the precise terms of any approval scheme, or returns policy, and whether second hand instruments carry any warranty.

Please be advised that saxtrader cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any kind resulting from responding to adverts on this site, or indeed from placing them.